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Museum History and Ethics- with Angelica Y. Bare

Museum History and Ethics is an invitation to learn, discuss, and contemplate the abundant and
complex systems and institutions that play a role in governing the Art world. This will be both a lecture and a conversation, the goal of which is to promote your curiosity and to help us all to keep asking that age old question, “why?”

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River Arts on Water Studio



Baraboo celebrates its circus heritage

Pictured above is "Flora", # 4, Angelica's elephant for the Parade of Elephants event. She selected 14 plant varieties native to the midwest and designed them around the surface. The goal being to  bring in educational awareness of native Wisconsin flora, as well as the playful elements of baby elephants.


 "Circus Celebration weekend will mark the community-wide appearance of 15 fiberglass elephants painted, detailed and otherwise embellished by local artists. Community sponsors stepped up to support this project and display the elephants at their locations." -Ben, Discover Real Baraboo website

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Artist Talk at ReTwist-T

"Ever wonder WHO the ReTwist-T artists and makers are and WHAT provides their creative inspiration? Join us for our monthly chats, beginning with this one! Welcome Angelica of "Angelica Yvonne".

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Thu. 03/11/2021 - 4:48am

River Arts events

"River Arts Inc is hosting a fully virtual art workshop, “Introduction to Contemporary Art”, starting Thursday, March 11. The workshop is led by instructor Angelica Bare of Sauk City. Sessions take place over the course of six weeks, meeting each Thursday from 5:30-6:30 p.m. via Zoom." 

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Art and Design Degree


Graduation Interview

Reflections on your program and plans going forward?
“The most valuable aspect of this program was the professors' humor and commitment to our lives and relationship. I enjoyed being a TA in the Art & Design Department. I’m excited to be a freelancer, offering Art courses, growing in my artistic voice, and collaboration with others. This degree was only the beginning.”

Advice for other students?
“Study hard, don’t feel sorry for yourself, pray every day.”

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UNW Career & Leadership Development

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Wed. 05/8/19 - 5:03pm

The Spirit Lake Review

Angelica's photography (shown above) was selected to feature in the Spirit Lake Review Annual literary magazine, 2019 edition, page 33.

"Hey, everyone, the 2019 issue is now available to read on anything that can view a PDF file(iPad, Android Device, Kindle, Laptop, and Desktop) Please enjoy and share!" -- Spirit Lake Review Literary Magazine Facebook page

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