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In my dream, I had paper-like fans on my hands, and they allowed me to fly.

They caught up the wind and lifted me off the ground. I remember being so high in the air.

I looked down and saw that I was flying over the town I grew up in.

I saw the bridge and the little grocery store getting smaller and smaller.

I was going so high, and at the time, I knew I was flying away from someone, but I can’t remember who anymore.

This feels like a noteworthy aspect of the story, who I was flying away from, but my brain won’t let me think of it.

Not for one moment.

Everything was happening suddenly, and in an instant, I had no wind, and the paper fans on my hands meant nothing.

My breath was pulled from my lungs as I fell, leaving a feeling like I was all at once suspended and hurtling toward an end.


But there is a river by the bridge, and I fell into that.


The water hit me straight on and surrounded me fully, but it did not hurt.

Sinking deeper into the amber-colored cold, I remember thinking that ‘there are currents in this river', strong currents that could steal me and send my body somewhere I couldn't get back from.

Then I was just looking up to the surface; through the glistening curtain and surface tension, I could see a few buildings up there, the ones built right near the water's edge.

I was thinking that if I stayed down there, I would drown.

But I did not feel afraid.

I did not really feel anything. I wasn’t holding my breath, nor was I breathing. I was just floating there in the amber-colored curtain, held back by surface tension, feeling its chill, feeling it on my skin, and watching the surface drift away.

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