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You would think that for someone who cares so much, You would be present here.

I guess it’s more accurate to put some apostrophes around those cares, you know, to hold them together while You most certainly won’t.

Let me try this again.


You would think that for someone who “cares” so much, You would be present here.

Or give an effort of any kind to be an existence in my proximity.

Those “cares” feel better now, secure, accurate, held together, not going anywhere, and saying exactly what they mean.


See, now listen up everyone; we get stuck on these things! If you find yourself alone and holding onto a promise that is doomed to be


       -ken, be of good cheer! That means!!!!!

Well, I forgot what that means, but look! Here I am just  fine!

Hmm, there should be more apostrophes around something in the previous sentence, but I ran out.


I’m fine.

Fine as in tax.

As in taxed with too many memories, or things, or somethings, or, or, or.

An effort should have been made? You would think that. Or maybe you wouldn’t.  But You(XY), You are analogous to a nightmare.

Sometimes you have to just go away from it! Okay? Go away from the should, shouldn’t, and would, wouldn’t.


What does a hyphen know that I don’t?

What has it learned that I won’t?

What do you know?

What aren’t you telling me?

Do you see a way out that’s been hidden from me?!


That was accusatory; I’m sorry, let’s just rewind a bit, back to the part where we let The Light show.


Release that; one, two, three go.

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