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Welcome to the Poetry Lounge, a place to contemplate and meditate.

          My poetry becomes an offering to all who have suffered, to all who have been lost, and to all who have lived. The work below is a selection of poetry that I wrote at times when I could do nothing else but write, times when I could do nothing else but escape into the paper for safety. Millions of people everywhere share circumstances of illness, abuse, trauma, and the like. The truth is, we are not alone out here in the world, suffering without anyone who would care for us. This offering is because of care and because there are those who care. As this work was compiled, I knew that it was a blessing from God; I knew it could be a safe place for those who are in their rooms, crying alone, for those who are contemplating how fast a bullet travels or how close the ledge is. It could be for those who saw things that they never should have, who’ve heard, who’ve experienced things they can never forget. It is an offering to you, you who have lived. My poetry is something I hope you can relate to or hold onto and feel deeply. Wherever you are, however you are. You are invited to exist here with me; these moments are ours now.

With love, Angelica Yvonne

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